Cooks in Training Reflections

Remember when…

Reflections on Brainfood Cooks in Training Fall 2016

Brainfood CIT students have made so much progress over the past three months. Here are a few reflections on what we’ve accomplished.

Remember when… we made Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies, a Brainfood classic, on our first day of class?

Remember when… we made our own whole wheat pizza and learned about the benefits of eating whole grains? Students studied the USDA’s MyPlate tool for eating a balanced diet. They were then challenged to include ingredients from four of the five food groups on their pizzas, as well as one ingredient that everyone in their small group had not tried on pizza before. Students worked together to take healthy risks and were excited about the results.

Remember when… we learned how to use knives safely and effectively? Brainfood students learned how to Slice, Batonnet, Dice, Cross Chop, Julienne, Brunoise, Mince, Chiffonade, Paysanne and Rondelle. They then used these skills to make delicious and healthy dishes like Ratatouille and Salsa Fresca.

Remember when… we made Mac and Cheese? Yeah, we pretty much all loved that. CIT students enjoy learning to make their favorite recipes from scratch.

Remember when… we had our Holiday Celebration and made hundreds of cookies to share with our friends and families? The menu included students’ favorite recipes from this fall at Brainfood such as Mac and Cheese, Pizza, French Fries, Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins, Red Velvet Sandwich Cookies, Sugar Cookies and Mint Lemonade.

We are so proud of our Brainfood CIT students!

Looking forward to lots of new CIT memories in 2017.