Brainfood programs empower returning participants to direct their own activities and make a positive change in their communities. 

As Community Cooking Coaches, teen participants take on a leadership role throughout the DC area, teaching healthy cooking workshops to all ages.

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Community Cooking Coaches Program Details

Community Cooking Coaches Program Impact Report

Community Cooking Coaches 2017-2018 Application

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What people are saying:

“I feel like my daughter is more confident and knowledgeable about healthy alternatives for eating after participating in this program. This program has also allowed her to socialize and be sociable. At school, she is very shy, but at Brainfood she lights up. We know because we can see the difference in her when she comes home after the program.” – Parent of Community Cooking Coaches participant

“Our weekly classroom assistants are great because they guide us and don’t treat us like an authoritative adult would.” – Community Cooking Coaches participant