Grabbing seconds of a Brainfood Program is a sweet deal

Three C’s and more food, please!

Our second year program, CCC, stands for Community Cooking Coaches and the three words we use to describe our students, cool, creative, and celebratory!

Hi! My name is Maria and I am currently a Brainfood CCC Intern. I assist with program development and provide hands-on assistance during class. There is never a dull moment with the CCC’s, and they really know how to keep me on my toes with funny jokes, remarks, and the occasional breakout dance.


The students recently learned how to be their own advocates for a healthy lifestyle. They learned about atherosclerosis through demonstrating cholesterol buildup along the arterial lining, and held a class discussion about the difference between Juvenile, Type 1, and Type 2 diabetes. We then accompanied the class material by making healthy snacks, such as Vietnamese Spring Rolls, Sweet Potato Broccoli Tots, and No Bake Mini Fruit Tarts (shown in featured image).






They recently learned about different cooking and baking techniques while making mini babkas
and scallion pancakes, adding to their long list of culinary skills.







They then translate their skills and new knowledge to lead healthy cooking workshops among a variety of ages!The students often come up with creative ways to keep their audience engaged and do a wonderful job doing so! One of our awesome students, Ryneisha (left picture), played a long game of “Simon Says” to keep our audience busy while the homemade pesto pizza cooked in the oven. And Gloria (right picture) guided one student to read the class agenda to make everyone, both leaders and audience members, feel involved.








And all their hard work led to their Coating Ceremony last month! This is a grand event to celebrate the students who have been at Brainfood for more than 70 hours! The students are awarded with an awesome chef coat that has the signature Brainfood logo.  And as event to celebrate their success, students decided what they wanted to serve their family and friends, which included Avocado Toast, Healthy Chicken Alfredo, Jamaican Curry Chicken, Mac and Cheese, and Chocolate Chip Cookies.





And to wrap this blog post up, our cool, creative, and celebratory Community Cooking Coaches give a good ol’ thumbs up. 🙂