Brainfood Homegrown offers entrepreneurship and real-world job experience in the local food sector.

Led by Brainfood graduates, Brainfood Homegrown is a local food venture where young entrepreneurs are building a snack food business from the ground up. Team members leverage their unique talents, skills, and creativity to produce one-of-a-kind snacks, from idea conception to recipe testing and refinement to marketing, packaging, and sales.

Some of our Brainfood Homegrown products that are sure to hit the spot.

Hear from some of our talented program graduates who’ve made Homegrown what it is today!

Sales started slow, and then I don’t know how, exactly, but kale chips happened.

Fran RiveraBrainfood Homegrown Production Manager

I feel like the plan is still in the making. I just know I want my own restaurant. I really want my own business, to make something for me.

Madelyn BullockBrainfood graduate and former Brainfood Homegrown employee

One lesson I’ve learned while working for Homegrown is that creativity is a key factor in driving the workforce of a kitchen. Without it, the work becomes boring and repetitive, making it something I dread, but Homegrown welcomes our creativity, giving me the freedom to create food products that I enjoy making.

Quan WuBrainfood Homegrown Kitchen Associate

All proceeds from Homegrown snack sales support Brainfood’s work to engage, empower, and employ DC teens and young adults.