Meet our fall Community Cooking Coaches intern!

Jocelyn is currently assisting in the Community Cooking Coaches program during her full-time internship through the University of Maryland, College Park. Jocelyn is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Community Health with a minor in Spanish language & cultures. She discovered her love for cooking and sharing healthy food with others during a trip abroad four years ago, and has been working towards transforming this passion into “work” ever since. In her spare time, Jocelyn loves teaching yoga, running, hiking, and drinking coffee. After graduation, she plans on backpacking around Central and South America to experience (and taste!) more of what the world has to offer.

Favorite food to cook: Anything that can’t be burnt

Favorite food to eat: Mamon chinos / Rambutans

“One of my requirements for graduating from the Department of Behavioral and Community Health at the University of Maryland is to participate in a full-time internship during my last semester as an undergraduate. When I was first presented with this requirement, it sounded exciting. As the time grew closer, I became increasingly worried that I wouldn’t be able to find an organization to work with who was focused on the same aspects of health that I was. Health education, holistic wellness, and sharing knowledge with others were all at the top of my list, but all I seemed to encounter were research jobs and grant writing positions.

When I heard about Brainfood from a friend (Who ended up interning with the organization over the summer!), I couldn’t have been more relieved. Since day one at Brainfood, I have been loaded up with information in the best way possible. From coming to understand the in’s and out’s of non-profit organizational structure to figuring out which plants are which in the garden, it’s been seven weeks of non-stop learning. I’ve had the chance to be involved with orientations and Brainfood’s annual Osteria Morini Pig Roast event. Aside from that, I’ve been planning various lessons, including nutrition-based classes focused on gut health, food fermentation, medicinal purposes for various herbs, phytonutrients, and food cravings. I’m definitely most excited about the lesson pertaining to proper gut health, which brings a whole new meaning to “you are what you eat” and it is something I’m very passionate about.

When looking through all the potential internship sites, I was afraid I wouldn’t find one that aligned with my values and career goals. Thankfully, Brainfood changed the game for me. It was pure luck that I found such an incredible organization to work with and I couldn’t be more excited to see what the rest of the semester has in store.”