Things you might not know about Brainfood

“When you’re sad, you need this popcorn in your life!”

So says chef José Andrés at the 2016 Capital Food Fight hosted by DC Central Kitchen. If you need it NOW, get a bag of our now-famous Vadouvan Curry Popcorn delivered to your door via Washington Green Grocer.






Growing local to support our neighbors

One of our garden-to-kitchen interns, Kenneth, delivers marigolds weekly from our Youth Garden to nearby restaurant Oyamel. If you are considering the ceviche or flan, you just might catch a glimpse of our blossoms adorning some glorious food.







Food recovery in small batches

All that 3 Stars spent grain we recover into Homegrown snacks is processed in small batches by this reliable little grinder and some seriously dedicated Homegrown employees. 







Our Cooking Coaches are food scientists

Last week we experimented with brined v. plain chicken cutlets in a lemon caper pan sauce. Students’ conclusions: the 30 minute brine (a simple salt/sugar/water soak) produced more tender, moist chicken cutlets. Hear more about what we learned about salt, water retention, and protein structures by requesting a youth-led cooking workshop here!