A whole new look, the same Brainfood experience

Welcome to our new site! We’re excited for the next chapter in the Brainfood story, and we hope you’ll join us. Since the beginning, Brainfood has been a place to share and elevate food stories. As we’ve grown from a 2 person operation to our current team of kitchen pros, youth workers, and community volunteers, we’ve also outgrown our old look.

The Website

This fall, we’re thrilled to share our updated website with you. As always, it’s focused on our youth — the faces and stories that make us love coming to work each day. We can’t get enough of the vibrant images captured by Whitney Porter of Bittersweet Creative, and we hope they convey the joy and diversity of our kitchen and of the DC community that has supported us for so many years. We’ve also reorganized some of the clunkier parts of our website. We’ve cleaned up a cluttered navigation system, rehoused our data so it amplifies instead of distracts, and given a real spotlight to Homegrown.

The Language

You’ll notice that we’ve tweaked our program names too; we think the new names reflect the way that youth stay involved over multiple years while being clearer to folks who are just getting to know our work. But don’t worry, we’ll still be providing the same youth-centric, hands-on food programming that we always have.

The Look

With the new logo, we wanted to capture youthfulness while also cultivating a look that reflects the creativity, local pride, and potential of DC’s food scene. The aqua and red rebrand was dreamed up by Dan Craddock, the creative force behind MetroNova Creative. We think it looks as fresh and fun on a computer screen as it does on a bag of kale chips.

The Kudos

We are eternally grateful to Alix Floyd who crafted our streamlined narrative and shepherded the new website into existence through sheer force of will; without her pro-bono moxie and loyalty, we’d all be lost. Aimee McLaughlin swapped her chef’s coat for her project manager task list and orchestrated a fine in-house production effort. Between wrangling staff copy and teaching class, she ensured that every detail was authentically and wholly Brainfood and the site’s all the richer for her work.

Everyone’s got a food story, and we hope this site inspires you to be part of ours. This year, we’ll keep creating jobs for DC youth, deepening our network of food industry supporters, expanding our food business, and continuing to provide our signature hands-on, youth-centered food programming. We’ll keep working to give youth the opportunities they deserve to be leaders in our city’s food system. We hope you’ll join us.